Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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At the age of 8, Britannica "Chloe" Cleaves discovered her passion for fashion and hasn't been able to shake it since. She learned how to draw people and clothing at first for fun but then instantly knew she wanted to be a fashion designer...or so she thought. She instead got to college and ventured into the business world and decided that marketing would be the best idea to be able to spread the world and could go in any direction as far as career. 
During that time she also picked up the name Chloe that stemmed from a college joke and just so happened to stick. Graduating with a marketing degree in 3 years from Georgia Southern University, she knew how to market herself but it just wasn't enough and fashion was still her true love.  At the age of 22, the Atlanta native decided to begin her own fashion website,, answering the questions like "Hey, where did you get that?" and "What would this go with?" for the everyday woman whether it be a budget conscious college student or the everyday mom who still wants to be fashion savvy while balancing careers and children.  The site name stemmed from her personal social media accounts and she thought it to be perfect as a domain name.
Chloe Has Curves is more than a blog, it is a fashion informational website that includes advice columns giving general tips on how to keep a polished look, reviews on up and coming fashion boutiques, lookbooks, special features for newly released brands, and weekly quick tips and "shoe-gasms". is meant to overall help and publicize business owners that don't have multi-million dollar advertising budgets.  She models items from the many boutiques across the country so consumers have a better look of what they look like on a real person instead of just the stock picture or a not-so-clear cell phone image.  On a more professional level, to put her Marketing expertise to work, Chloe also offers budget friendly ad packages, item modeling, web and on-site consulting, personal shopping and wardrobe styling. Services offered by Chloe are also available on the site at
Also, because of numerous partnerships with boutiques across the nation, she provides multiple discount codes to different sites for online shopping to all viewers. Codes can be found on social media accounts as well as the website .  For more information on the site, read the About section found at  All contact information is listed below:
Chloe Has Curves
Britannica Cleaves
Twitter: Chloe_HasCurves
Facebook: Chloe Has Curves
Instagram: ChloeHasCurves_com
Pinterest: Chloe Has Curves
Tumblr: chloehascurves  

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